BME Peer Mentoring

Program Overview

The BME Peer Mentoring Program was designed to complement our advising resources by allowing students to connect with their peers and learn from their experiences. By partnering first- and second-year students with upperclassmen student mentors, the program facilitates a safe, one-on-one environment for students to discuss their personal experiences, learn about new opportunities, and find a support network of peers and faculty who are dedicated to helping students achieve a successful college experience.

Why Peer Mentoring?

Our faculty and staff are invaluable sources of academic assistance however, college is not always about academics. Coming to college, students are often faced with questions such as "How do I balance my workload with extracurriculars?", "What student organizations should I join?", and "Where are the best places to hang out/study on campus?" Who better to answer these questions than other students who have been in their shoes? That is where peer mentoring comes in. Working alongside our academic advisors, faculty, and staff, peer mentors are upperclassmen students who have successfully navigated both academics and daily college life. These students have faced the challenges of adapting to living at Michigan Tech and are eager to share their experiences, tips, and tricks for succeeding in all aspects of college.  Our peer mentors are trained to help students navigate tough spots by providing personalized advice, directing them towards campus resources, and being a listening ear to talk to. 

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Can I still be a peer mentor if my grades aren't the best?

Our application selection process involves a holistic review of each applicant. While good academic standing is required and success in the classroom is preferred, we know that peer mentors aren't just tutors. The role of peer mentors extends beyond the classroom and because of that, we also look for applicants with a variety of strengths and involvements (e.g. extracurriculars, student organizations, leadership, community service, etc). We encourage you to submit an application that talks about yourself as a person, not just as a student. Any specific questions regarding application requirements can be addressed on a one-on-one basis, please feel free to reach out!

What exactly happens during each meeting?

Peer mentoring is what you make of it! Before each meeting, students will get the chance to fill out a questionnaire regarding what problems, topics, or ideas they wish to discuss with their mentor. From there, the mentors will create a meeting agenda that incorporates the student's needs with additional information and topics that pertain to the student's goals. The meetings can vary from discussing which professor to take a class with to sitting down together and exploring what clubs a student might be interested in!

Contact Information


Alex LaMere

3rd Year BME

Deputy Director

Cheyenne Scott

3rd Year BME


We are looking for a current 1st or 2nd year! Please contact us if you are interested in this position!

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Smitha Rao

Assistant Professor

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